What are the types of RNA and their functions?

There are three types of RNA: r-RNA (Ribosomal RNA), t-RNA (Transfer RNA) and m-RNA (Transfer RNA).

  • r-RNA (Ribosomal RNA): These RANs are attached to ribosomes and help in protein synthesis. It is made from the DNA of the nucleus. It is 80% of the total RNA present in the cell.
  • t-RNA (Transfer RNA): This RNA brings a variety of amino acids to the ribosome for protein synthesis. Protein is made in the ribosome.
  • m-RNA (Transfer RNA): It carries information for protein synthesis from the DNA of the nucleus to the ribosome.

types of RNA

Functions of RNA

  • RNA facilitate the translation of DNA into proteins.
  • RNA works as an adapter molecule in protein synthesis.
  • RNA serves as a messenger between the DNA and the ribosomes.
  • RNA are the carrier of genetic information in all living cells.

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