What are the types of nutrition in Bacteria?

There are mainly two types of nutritions found in BacteriaAutotrophic Bacteria and Heterotrophic Bacteria.

Autotrophic Bacteria: These types of bacteria make their own food. Two types of bacteria come under this:

  1. Photosynthetic Bacteria: These bacteria make their food from light energy. In this, there are bacteria chlorophyll instead of chlorophyll.
  2. Chemosynthetic Bacteria: These types of bacteria obtain energy by oxidation of inorganic substances such as Nitromonas.

types of nutrition in Bacteria

Heterotrophic Bacteria: These bacteria get their food from other organisms. There are three types of these bacteria:

  1. Parasitic bacteria: They depend on other organisms for their food and they cause diseases.
  2. Symbiotic bacteria: They obtain food by living in the body of other organisms, such as Rhizobium.
  3. Saprophytic bacteria: These obtain food from dead remains, such as Lactobacillus.

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