What are the three types of Reproduction in Fungi?

There are mainly three methods of reproduction in fungi: Vegetative reproduction, Asexual reproduction and Sexual reproduction.

Reproduction in Fungi

1. Vegetative reproduction: Vegetative reproduction takes place in three ways:

  • Fragmentation: In this method a part of the fungus gets separated and hence gives rise to a new fungal network. Under favorable conditions, most fungi reproduce by this method.
  • Fission: In this method the cell becomes elongated. Due to this, the nucleus divides into two daughter nuclei and this cell is divided into two daughter cells by a transverse wall. Each daughter cell leads an independent life. This method of reproduction is found in unicellular fungi.
  • Budding: In this method a small outgrowth emerges from the parent cell. The nucleus divides into two parts, one remains in the parent cell and the other goes to the hypertrophy. This excessive growth is called bud. It later separates from the germ cell and leads its independent life.

Reproduction in Fungi

2. Asexual reproduction: This reproduction is achieved by specific formations called spores. Each spore germinates and gives rise to a new fungal network.

3. Sexual reproduction: In this process of reproduction, fusion of fixed nuclei of two different types of parents takes place. This reproduction results in the formation of sexual spores.

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