What are the factors that affect the photosynthesis?

There are many factors that affect the the process of Photosynthesis, such as light, chlorophyll, temperature, carbon di-oxide and water. If any of these factors is affected, the rate of Photosynthesis also get affected.

the factors that affect the photosynthesis

Light:- Light energy trapped by the Chlorophyll is used to convert raw material into sugar.

Chlorophyll:- Chlorophyll is found in Chloroplasts. It enables the plant to trap the light energy.

Temperature:- The process of Photosynthesis can take place only at a suitable  temperature between 20 degree C to 40 degree C.

Carbon dioxide:- The rate of Photosynthesis increases with an increase in the concentration of Carbon di-oxide.

Water:- Less than one percent of total water absorbed by the plant in process of Photosynthesis. Therefor water hardly affects the rate of Photosynthesis.

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