What are the Characteristics of Blue Green Algae?

Characteristics of Blue Green Algae

The Characteristics of Blue Green Algae

  • They are Aqueous, Fibrous, Autotrophic and contain Chlorophyll.
  • They use water for Hydrogen in the process of Photosynthesis.
  • Cellulose is found for their cell wall and Asexual reproduction takes place through Acanite.
  • It lacks developed Cell Organelles such as Mitochondria etc.
  • Its genetic unit is DNA and it helps in Nitrogen Fixation.
  • Sexual Reproduction is not found in it.
  • They can survive even in sulfurous environment.
  • Like Algae, Linoleic Acid and Galactose are found in them.
  • In this, cell division is fission or Amitosis.

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