Name the various types of plants tissues and state their function

There are two types of plant tissue- Maristematic tissue and Permanent tissue. Both have different functions is the plants.

1. Meristematic tissue:- Meristematic tissue is the group of actively dividing cells. This kinds of tissue is found in growing parts of a plant such as root and shoot tips.

Meristematic tissue

Function:- The main function of the Meristematic tissue is to produce new cells at the root and shoot tips and build up plant body in length and thickness.

2. Permanent tissue:- Permanent tissue do not grow and produce new cell. This kinds of tissue has stopped their growth completely or for the long time.

Meristematic tissue

Function:- Permanent tissue protects the plants from external influence by covering it.  It also support the plants. This kind of tissue found in the outer layer of the body of a plant.

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