Name the various types of Animal tissue and State their Function

On the basis of the types of cells, amount of intercelluler material and their functions, animal tissues are classified into four types- Epithelial Tissue, Muscular Tissue, Nervous Tissue and Connective Tissue.

Animal tissue


1. Epithelial Tissue:- This tissue covers the outer surface of the body and lining the internal organs such as blood vessels, stomach, Intestines and windpipe.

2. Muscular Tissue:- This tissue helps in the movements of different parts of the body, such as hands, legs, alimentary canal, lungs, eyes and other parts of the body.

Animal tissue

3. Nervous Tissue:- This tissue connects the brain to spinal cord and helps in the control and coordination of the body. It also transmits message to the brain.

4. Connective Tissue:- This tissue joins different parts of the body and provides support to them. It also fill up the space between various organs.

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