How does Amoeba reproduce asexually?

Amoeba is a free-living protozoan.  It is generally found at the bottom of fresh water, ponds, ditches and lakes.

Amoeba reproduce

Amoeba reproduce by asexual reproduction. It’s reproduction takes place in two ways- Binary Fission and Multiple Fission.

1. Binary fission:- In this fission a fully grown Amoeba divides into two daughter Amoebae. At first the nuclear membrane disappears and the nucleus becomes larger. Then nucleus divides into two daughter nuclei and the cytoplasm surrounds each nucleus. Then a plasma membrane is formed outside the cytoplasm. As a result the two daughter Amoebae are formed and starts growing separately.

Amoeba reproduce

2. Multiple fission:- It happens under unfavorable environmental conditions. In this process Amoeba produces a thick wall around its body. This wall is called called the cyst wall. The nucleus divides several times and produces many nuclei. The cytoplasm them separates. Creating multiple daughter cells insides the cyst. Under favoruable condition, the cyst bursts open releasing the daughter cells that grow into independence Amoebae.

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